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 Artist & International Ski Instructor


I'm a modern artist painting with acrylics on canvas and some drawing with graphite.

Based in Chamonix in the French Alps, the World's Mecca for skiing, I'm normally found skiing during the winter months, when I'm not painting that is.

As well as being an artist, I also work as a professional ski trainer with my other business, All Mountain Performance, providing off-piste ski courses for experienced skiers since 2004.

I like to paint from my imagination where mountainous, snowy worlds and dynamic skiers emerge.

I aim to bring my knowledge of skiing and the mountain environment into my ski paintings  to create  unique and vibrant work. 

In my series of skiing paintings, I explore snow texture, light and terrain shape. I also utilise my knowledge of skiing technique when painting the skiers and their tracks in the snow to carefully depict nothing but awesome skiing skills, of course ;) 

Outside of the ski season, the theme of my artwork changes with the seasons when the focus of my work moves away from skiing and is more towards the natural world and the places I visit. 

Please feel free to contact me for anymore info on my artwork.

For more info about my off piste ski courses please visit my other website:

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